Notary Public

Vincent Naidu is a Notary Public who was granted the title by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England under faculties issued by the Court of Faculties.

A Notary Public is an officer duly appointed to:

• Draw, attest or certify under official seal deeds and other documents.
• Note or certify transactions relating to overseas documents.

Our firm offers Notarial services on an appointment only basis. You may use our Notarial services for:

• Certifying true copies of original documents for use overseas.
• Swearing affidavits or taking affirmations for use overseas.
• Witnessing your signature on documents for use overseas.
• Verifying your identity where sufficient identification documents are provided to us.

When you visit us, you need to bring the original documents that you want notarised. Please ensure you also bring current government issued photo identification. We prefer sighting your passport. If you do not have a passport then check which other forms of photo identification will be acceptable to validate your overseas documents.

Please be aware that our Notary cannot advise you on the legal requirements of your documents from a foreign jurisdiction. You will have to check those details with your professional advisors who supplied you with the documents for notarisation.

Our fees vary depending on the number and complexity of your documents, or if we have to provide additional services to complete notarising your documents. Please contact us for more information in this respect.