Advisory and Corporate Governance

We provide customised services to corporate clients across different sectors. We have provided advisory services to state-funded entities, private corporates, community service organisations and businesses.

We provide pragmatic solutions to corporate entities, public service providers, and businesses. We are often asked to assist and advise clients on strengthening their key contracts and to provide strategic support in new and developing opportunities.

We advise on corporate legal arrangements that affect the performance and the well-being of corporate entities and businesses. Our work includes reviewing corporate policies and procedures, terms of reference and other governance systems, followed up by in-depth recommendations and advice on best practice.

Our experience in working with boards and key business leaders in different sectors over many years has provided us with fertile ground to offer our clients clear and practical advice on Corporate Governance.

The issues on which we advise include:

  • Designing and implementing policies and formal procedures for the Board and the Executive team
  • Advising on conflicts of interest and drafting policy on conflicts
  • Preparing and implementing Codes of Conduct/Ethics/Board Decision-Making
  • Directors' appointment and description of duties
  • Compliance issues relating to annual general meetings, company accounts, annual returns and reports, directors' reports and disclosure issues
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Reporting to stakeholders on the organisation's Corporate Governance compliance.
  • Advising on Corporate Governance Statements in annual reports and on company websites
  • Directors' service contracts and remuneration
  • Regulatory investigations and enquiries
  • Engagement of auditors and external advisers
  • Setting up new subsidiary/associate entities

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