Health Law

It is important for medical practitioners and professionals in the Health Services sector to seek appropriate legal advice at an early stage in order to minimise risk and achieve better outcomes.

We have been providing legal services to health service providers for over 13 years. During this time we have acted for:

      • a District Health Board
      • two Primary Health Organisations
      • a Public Listed corporate health provider
      • one of New Zealand largest Home Healthcare Providers
      • specialist medical charities
      • professional member associations
      • medical practitioners in the sale of their professional clinics.

We apply commercial law principles and knowledge of health sector regulations to assist Health Service professionals to undertake state-funded and procurement projects, negotiate and enter contracts, and structure their business and commercial activities. This includes advising on leases of premises for health-related activities and services.

We have been instructed by Health Service organisations and professionals on a variety of legal briefs over the years. We provide the following services:

a)   advising clients in relationships with regulatory authorities and professional Bodies;
b)  dealing with Professional Conduct Committees and Professional Bodies;
c)   responding to complaints to the Health and Disability Commissioner;
d)  dealing with complaints to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner;
e)  assisting with regulatory and compliance issues raised by government agencies and funders; and,
f)   contractual disputes.

Over time we have more particularly assisted our health services clients in transactional work, including;

a)   Health Practice Business Formation;
b)   Employment & Independent Contract Service Agreements;
c)   Healthcare Business Commercial Leases;
d)  Contractual Dispute Resolution;
e)  Licensing Agreements & Intellectual Property Protection;
f)   Service and Supply Agreements;
g)  Health Practice Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), including purchase and sale of healthcare practices & companies;
h)  Restraint of Trade Agreements; and,
i)   Due Diligence investigations (including assessing Goodwill).

If you are a healthcare organization or healthcare professional in need of legal support, please contact our firm for an initial discussion.