Our people

Jessica Tracey

Solicitor - BA LLB

Jessica holds degrees in Law and Ancient History from Auckland University. At University she was the Secretary of the Hellenic, Egyptian and Roman Antiquities Association, and at High School she was awarded senior prizes in History and Classics.

Jessica is involved in a diverse range of legal work at Vinci Law, including: legal research; opinion writing; regulatory compliance; and transactional services. She assists Vincent in advisory services, including drafting opinions and reviewing complex contracts.

Jessica has the unenviable task of being our firm’s AML Administrator and is the first point of contact for new clients. Under the supervision of our Practice Manager, she has built considerable knowledge of AML/CFT compliance.

Outside the law, Jessica enjoys the arts and cinema. She has travelled abroad extensively and is waiting for the day when she can become an Italian resident. Until then she is only too pleased to work with the clients at Vinci Law,  and secretly aims to convert our firm’s battle-hardened coffee addicts to exotic tea drinkers. Fortunately for us, her prospects of success regarding the latter are grim.

Jessica Tracey