Our people

David Asbury

Senior Consultant - LLB BD

David Asbury was a practicing lawyer for over 40 years. During this time he was a Partner in medium and large law firms in Auckland, where he was also responsible for managing departments, approving large budgets and training lawyers. David was also previously Chairman of the Board of his last law firm in Auckland's CBD. David joined VINCI LAW some years ago and finally retired from full time practice at the end of 2021. However, he remains a point of reference for many of his former clients and continues to consult with our firm on matters relating to Private Client services.

At Vinci Law, David assisted clients with Property Law matters, Trusts, Retirement Planning and Elder Law issues. He brought to our firm a wealth of general law experience and specialist Property Law knowledge. His clients included property investors, developers, business owners, and many private clients. David also acted for a number of Not-for-Profit organisations, particularly charities. He has held a number of governance related positions in his personal capacity.

We continue to advise and assist many of David’s existing clients and welcome the opportunity to work with those clients who have known David. We value David’s time with us in practice and look forward to his visits to the office. David proudly professes a regimen of no less than 4 flat whites (double shots, of course) per day which he credits for his longevity in the law.

David Asbury