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We are experienced in the area of Trusts Law and act for corporate organisations, business owners and private clients. We advise clients on trustee duties, authority to act, powers and obligations, and on wider protection of assets and investments. We help to establish and maintain family and business trusts, and other trusts for specific estate planning purposes.

Our firm is able to offer specialist advice in relation to issues concerning New Zealand based trusts including:

  • The drafting of Trust Deeds.
  • Appointment and retirement of trustees.
  • Declarations of Trust for jointly owned land and relationship property matters.
  • Preparation of trust structures for succession planning purposes – increasingly important with modern complex family structures.
  • Dealing with all issues concerning the administration of trusts.
  • Resolution of disputes concerning trusts and trustees.
In an increasingly complex legal environment, having a Will is no longer the complete answer in planning for the future. There are other issues to consider when implementing and achieving your wealth management objectives. We can help you prepare legal structures, draft documents, administer Trusts and even advise on disputes if necessary.