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Retired Care and Elder Law

Senior citizens are an important part of our society, and they require specialist legal advice and services. Dealing with retired, senior and aged citizens requires an understanding of the complex legal issues relating to financial protections, living arrangements, mental health, and social care. At Vinci Law, we aim to work with our senior and retired clients and their families to plan for their care and welfare, and to deal effectively with any challenges which arise.

We assist clients and families with planning for the future, and take care of all property, business, asset protection and the estate needs. However, in the event of sudden and unexpected developments, we can provide urgent legal assistance and will work with the family of the individual concerned to provide a solution (including seeking permission from the Court).

We also advise business clients who are facing retirement. We understand that they are naturally concerned about succession and would want to ensure that, in their absence, their businesses either pass to the next generation in good order, or are wound-down in a way which provides benefit and minimizes trouble to their families and employees.

Our services include:

  • preparing estate planning documentation like Powers of Attorney and Wills;
  • advising family members when an elderly relative suffers from a loss of mental
  • capacity, including applications to the Court;
  • assistance with properly investment restructuring and asset planning;
  • Retirement Village accommodation;
  • mortgage restructuring and reverse mortgages;
  • succession planning for older clients in business;
  • resolving disputes involving family members or third parties (i.e. banks, insurance companies, retirement funds, retirement village operators, and so on)
  • Estate administration, including:
    • Grants of Probate;
    • Assistance in administering Estates; and
    • Will disputes.

We work with our clients at every stage of their estate planning exercise, from drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney, selling their home and business interests to taking up residence at a Retirement Village. In relation to Retirement Villages, we provide a comprehensive range of services including liaising with the Village Operator, advising on contractual documentation, advising clients on legal rights in residence, and ensuring that our clients have their relevant statutory rights protected in the arrangement with the Village. We are on hand to provide advice and assistance to clients to ensure that their concerns and difficulties are handled successfully. Please feel free to contact us today to discuss your or your family member's needs.