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Advisory and Corporate Governance

We provide corporate legal services to small and medium sized businesses. We have acted for companies and businesses from day one, and we provide the same level of care and attention to clients at every stage of enterprise – whether start-ups or established.

But rather than textbook advice, we prefer to focus on pragmatic solutions. We can recite various sections of the Companies Act 1993, but we would rather advise clients on how to strengthen their company's key contracts and assist them in their next important corporate negotiation. As advisors we also keep a careful eye out for fishhooks and red flags in the deals our clients bring to our attention.

We advise on corporate legal arrangements that affect the performance and the well-being of commercial entities and not-for-profit organisations . We also advise on matters ranging from shareholder disputes, share acquisitions and disposals to directors' duties.

We can assist with a thorough review of a company's corporate policies, procedures, terms of reference and other governance systems, followed up by in-depth recommendations and advice on best practice, all of which will give current and potential stakeholders confidence that a business is well-managed, thereby increasing opportunities for growth and investment.

We assist our clients with Corporate Governance issues and best practice for boards, and we provide ongoing assistance with compliance, risk management and corporate liability matters. This means that we offer clear and practical advice on Corporate Governance – including designing and implementing policies and formal procedures in accordance with currently accepted Corporate Governance rules, updating these to meet evolving "best practice" standards, and reporting to stakeholders on the company's or organisation's Corporate Governance compliance.

The issues on which we advise include:

  • Current legislative requirements and changes for commercial and not-for-profit entities
  • Directors' responsibilities and duties
  • Compliance issues relating to annual general meetings, company accounts, annual returns and reports, directors' reports and disclosure issues
  • Company transactions and administration
  • Compliance
  • Share dealing
  • Advising on Corporate Governance Statements in annual reports and on company websites
  • Directors' service contracts and remuneration
  • Regulatory investigations and enquiries
  • Engagement of auditors and advisers
  • Setting up new business
  • Creating different types of not-for-profit organisations
  • Dealing with the Inland Revenue Department.

Our primary goal with our corporate clients, as with all other clients, is to ensure that they are well looked after. For that reason, we prefer to customise our legal services to suit the client and not simply make do with something off the rack.

It is essential to contact legal business advisors regularly as part of best practice. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your governance needs.