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Asenla Bendang

Practice Manager - BA (Hons), Dip Urban Leadership

Asenla manages the "back room" end of Vinci Law. This means that she is responsible for ensuring that our systems and technology are functioning well at all times and that the needs of staff and clients are being met. This is no easy feat as expectations have to be managed and the firm needs to be fully operational at all times (even on the occasional weekend!).

Asenla's previous experience in the charity and not-for-profit sector has prepared her well for the legal sector where tight deadlines, short notices, and demanding lawyers are a constant feature. Prior to managing Vinci Law, Asenla was the office manager for the New Zealand office of a very large American Charity. She has a significant experience in promotions, marketing, and media work within the not-for-profit sector, and is interested in organisational management issues.

No law firm lasts very long without good financial management, and this is a key focus for Asenla as she works to ensure that Vinci Law continues to operate responsibly with its business associates and clients.

Rather than policing the firm, Asenla prefers to see her role as adding much needed tranquillity to the practice to ensure that the other members of the firm can concentrate on things that matter the most – our clients.