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Our first year

Tue Aug. 20th 2013

I am pleased to announce that we have just marked our first anniversary as a law firm. Whew! Our law firm began as a move to establish some boundaries around the private and professional lives of lawyers with young families. After years in Partnership in two very well regarded firms, the stresses of domestic life (often elevated when there is a very young family) were becoming difficult to ignore. As a senior legal practitioner in busy commercial law firms, I was fully aware that the so called "work-life balance" is very hard to achieve.

Vinci in Latin means "to overcome", "to triumph." Clients often seek the assistance of legal firms for precisely these reasons. For us, this first year has been largely about overcoming some significant hurdles in establishing a fully functioning and professional firm. The past year has not always been easy, but we've met challenges head on and enjoyed our experiences and client relationships immensely. A major benefit of operating a niche firm like ours is that I can still do what I enjoy (the practice of law), but without the mandatory time-consuming administration duties, lengthy board meetings, and endless stream of internal meetings to host and attend. There is another benefit of not being part of a larger practice - I confess to now knowing at least 3 Elmo songs (Sesame Street) and can identify the cast of Peppa Pig (UK children's animation series). I also learnt that One Direction is not a new navigation gadget but a new pop "boy-band" from the UK!

Apart from trying to prioritise family life, our firm is also serious about work. We deal with some challenging legal work, and we're serious about getting it right. In the past year we've managed to assist and support a number of clients through some difficult times and stressful legal situations. We also helped others to buy, sell, build wealth, invest, take calculated risks, and plan for the future. It is very rewarding to finish complex legal briefs, see the benefits for the client, and to receive positive feedback (from clients and other lawyers as well). You simply cannot put a dollar value on a client's genuine expression of appreciation. That, for us, is a significant motivator to carry on. Some highlights over the past year include: helping a client to sell a health and beauty business on the CBD fringe; assisting several landlord clients with commercial leases (including disputes with tenants); assisting a vendor client with the successful sale of a busy Café in the heart of the CBD; assisting an educational facility to purchase commercial premises in Auckland; assisting a construction company in resolving a major dispute with its client; assisting a commercial entity to acquire a well-known franchise on the CBD fringe; and, working with several tenant clients to acquire commercial leases in a major retail centre on the CBD fringe.

We have also assisted some clients with public sector related work, including: advice on contracts with Government departments and 3rd parties; reviewing and advising on public sector contracts; and, advising clients on governance issues, risk and liability minimising strategies.

We act as corporate advisors to a number of small and medium sized businesses, as well as many not-for-profit organisations (NFPs). We also provide a high level of assistance to faith-based organisations and charities. In the past year, we:

-helped NFPs organisations resolve disputes (internally and externally);

-advised Churches on their structures and constitutional matters;

-completed a Merger between an Australian Charity and a New Zealand based Charity;

-assisted NFPs with legal status problems with the Charities Service (and potential tax ramifications);

-successfully assisted several Charities to gain "Charitable Entity" status with the Charities Service; and,

-assisted 2 large medical/health related NFPs with legal structural and constitutional matters.

We have also successfully aided clients in resolving disputes and overcoming various hurdles (commercially or relating to their private circumstances).

For more about us, what we do and how we perform as a firm, please visit our website – Thank you for taking the time to read our very first eCast report.

This is our simple way of keeping clients and friends of the firm informed about our work. We wish you a wonderful spring. Stay allergy free!

Best Wishes,

Vincent Naidu | Principal